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Each website is custom designed according to the client's needs and specifications. With the endless possibilities, it is impossible to post a blanket cost for construction. Basic no-frills websites can be designed for approximately $150 per page. Graphic design, javascript, forms, and other additional services will increase the costs. ComPortOne is very versatile. Our designers can create a simple, relatively inexpensive web page or any number of pages, as extensive as your business requires - all at a price you can afford. Price estimates are FREE of charge. Serious inquiries only.

Most web pages consist of a combination of the following:

  • A home page [aka. welcome page]
  • Scanned Logos, images or pictures
  • Text pages
  • Graphic elements, i.e. Bars - Buttons - Icons
  • Background color or graphics
  • E-mail links to your E-mail address
  • Logo and Graphic design
  • HTML coded pages
  • Java, CGI, Visual Basic programing, generation of forms.

If you already have a website and would like some changes made to it. Again, ComPortOne can help.

* Ask about the non-profit agency discount.

Please contact ComPortOne for other services or questions.

All Web/Ad Page Clients agree to pay all design and setup fees and 3 months worth of server space rental upon completion of the site. After the 3 month period is over, the rental agreement will automatically be renewed unless canceled by the client. [Cancelation of website design services after construction has started will result in a bill of services already rendered.]

Some examples of ComPortOne designed websites:

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