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God is Not Dead

Just last week, having seen the movie, God is Not Dead, I thought I would share my thoughts and feelings about it.

First I must say that although the movie was listed on the website, when I got to the AMC theatre, it was not listed on the marque. And that is the second time in a month, a movie about God has been slighted. And I don't like it. They said they didn't have room on the marque, but I really don't buy it. God is important.

The movie itself had a few actors I had recognized, i.e., Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain, plus a young man, Shane Harper, known to the younger audience as Spencer Walsh on "Good Luck, Charlie", Teddy's boyfriend. Teddy (Bridgit Mendler) being the main teenage girl in the entertaining teen's show. In "God is Not Dead" Harper plays the character of college student, Josh Wheaton. His faith is challenged by his philosophy professor (Sorbo), who says God does not exist.

There were many story lines going on at the beginning of the movie, so at first it was hard to follow. It starts to pick up momentum when the two main characters - the professor (Sorbo) has his students write on a sheet of paper stating that "God is dead" and then signing it. He tells them to pass it across to him as he stands in the aisle. Watching Josh's face, you can see that he is troubled. He could cooperate and get a decent grade in the class or stand up to his teacher and honor his relationship with God risking not only his grade but his relationship with his girlfriend.

He chooses the latter irriating the arrogant, controlling professor who then berates Josh and when he cannot bully him into submission he tells him to prove there is a God. He agress to give him time to give three talks (research) that he can present to the class at the end of class over the next few weeks. The class will decide if he has convinced them there really is a god.

The research consists of many philosophers writngs and is very interesting. The movie is worth watching but I doubt that you can convince someone of God's extistence if they choose not to believe. Philosophers since the beginning of time cannot even agree on the existence of God. (It is sort of like our present-day scientists not agreeing on global warming.)

I loved the determination and faith of the young college student. However, he proved that you cannot prove the existence of God to others who don't want to believe. And yet, it became apparent that those who wanted to believe just had to let God in - just open up. The children of God "hear His voice".

Believing in God means one has to open their heart to the possibility. Remember the parable of the mustard seed? Plant the seed. Nurture it. Let it grow.

Some believe and I personally don't, is that when someone on their "deathbed" says he believes and then supposedly everything is okay and God is fine with all the bad behavior this person committed. Where does "and by their fruits, ye shall know them..." come in. Does this mean that all someone who has been wicked has to do is day they believe and they are saved? Thank goodness, that decision is God's. I really don't think ... that "oops, I was wrong", will cut it for an avid sinner. And lest we forget - even Satan believes in God?

John 10:27 "my sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me."

Free scriptures are online. Then if you are really serious about knowing God, pray, read and search the scriptures.

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