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Connie Eccles is CEO, web designer, writer, editor and co-owner of ComPortOne.

As ComPortOne's editor, Connie has had the opportunity to meet and interview numerous business owners and entrepreneurs. She was assistant editor for Rockford Apartment Association for over 10 years.

Her experience includes over 28 years of volunteer leadership, record keeping, writing, speaking and teaching. She has been called and currently serves as Family History Consultant at the LDS church in Beloit, Wisconsin. She has taught both the "Get to know the Internet" and "Searching for Your Ancestors Online" classes to persons interested in learning more about the Internet and its vast resources for researching their ancestors. In fact, in the last few years, she has devoted considerable time to gathering and posting information on the ComPortOne website - providing resources to assist others in the family research.

In the area schools districts - she has volunteered as a Room mother, in the library, as a chaperone, and as a guest speaker on the 8th grade school Genealogy project. At the high school level, she served on the Values Committee; School Improvement Team; Leadership Team and chaired the Values and Character Education Initiative for the 2008 Commission.

After completing training she volunteered for Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling as a rape crisis counselor for 2 years. Later, she was employed by Lutheran Social Services as a "Teenage Runaway Advocate", where she worked with troubled teenagers, their parents or guardians, and the attending police department. Connie and her husband, Denny received DCFS training and were foster parents to three children, in addition to raising four of their own children.

An avid researcher and writer, she continues to write about issues that touch her heart, frustrate her senses and intrigue her mind.

God and family are her priorities. With life ever-changing, she believes that the only constants are God's love and your love of family.

Connie Eccles, CEO of ComPortOne
Telephone  815-704-6430    -    eFax  302-347-3757      
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