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Business Opportunities

...that claim you can work from your home

It is not uncommon for Internet users to receive 20-30 [or more] emails a day offering to help them rake in the riches while sitting at home. In fact, many offer $10,000 per month on a committment of less than a few hours per week.

The truth is - it isn't likely that anyone is earning that kind of money for so little work. And trying out every offer on the Internet is not only impossible, the expense would make it prohibitive.

Everyone is open to bringing in additional income; or in the case, of the massive layoffs, bringing in the primary income. The hardest part is deciding which income opportunity in which you want to invest your time and money.

Some important considerations when choosing a business are:

  • Little or no investment. Don't invest more than you can lose. And beware of those that require a monthly purchase if you cannot afford it or don't like the product. There are some that automatically take it from your credit or debit card and it is difficult, if not impossible, to make them stop.
  • The company must sell products or services, not just advice on making money, money, money and recruiting, recruiting, recruiting.
  • The products or services must be top-notch. The company must not make exaggerated claims about their products/services. You must personally use the products/services and gain a testimony of their quality. ...And they must be reasonably priced.
  • You must be proud of the company and your membership in it. If someone asks what you do for a living you shouldn't feel the need to embelish or lie. Please remember you do not have to try to sell it to everyone you meet. People will avoid you as they avoid friends who get into the insurance business or Amway.
  • Check the company out thoroughly. Check the BBB, the Internet, newsgroups, and blogs - then make your own decisions.
  • Are the people at the top the only ones getting rich? Are you required to have 100s of people signed under you to make any money?
  • Does the company benefit others or is its only concern to get the people at the top rich at any cost?
  • How long has the company been in business? The best are companies that have been around long enough to prove their legitimacy but perhaps not those that have been around so long that everyone is familiar with them.
  • Does the company provide adequate training? You must know the products and the program thoroughly.
  • Can you easily understand the program? Or does it take hundreds of pages to explain? ..and even then it isn't clear. There might be a reason - they don't want you to understand.
  • Can you reach your recruiter? Does your recruiter return phone calls and emails, quickly? ...and answer your questions thoroughly.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, cut your losses. Don't be a part of a dishonest company to try to recoup your money. Let it go or turn them in to the BBB or Attorney General.

There are no guarantees. As with all entrepreneurial endeavors, there are risks. If you lose time and a small amount of money that was invested, that is a shame but don't consider risking more than you can afford to lose.

Scams are just as good, if not better, at the PR, than legitimate, honest businesses. They will tell you that their "Work at Home" opportunity is the perfect way to get rich easily, with little work and time. Be very cautious. It isn't just the money, it's your reputation that you are putting on the line. A few are honest companies and may prove to be a good investment - but the majority are scams and the only thing guaranteed is that they will help themselves to your hard-earned money.
Good luck.

Connie Eccles, CEO of ComPortOne

NOTE: Here are a few I have personally checked out. This is my personal opinion of those companies. Email me at if you have any other questions or comments. - Connie Eccles

I recommend this one: For people who do not have insurance, this company provides a discount card for dental, vision, prescription card and chiropractic services for an entire household for $20 a month. Our family will use this card and our adult children still living at home, who are not covered under our insurance any more, are also able to use. They are grateful for the discounts since their insurance in non-existant or insufficient through their workplace. Check this one out whether you are interested in the discounts or a business opportunity. Biz Opp or Discount Card.

I recommend this one. This company sells exceptional products - most of which contain Tea Tree Oil, a rather pugent but effective by-product of the tea tree grown mostly in Australia. The benefits of tea tree oil are many. It alleviates headaches, leg cramps [on contact], cuts, scrapes, tags, bug bites, rashes, and much more. Their list of products include toothpaste, cleaning aids, laundry soap and cleaners, lotions, shampoo, soaps, vitamins, candles, protein powders, diet products, makeup and much more. You are required to buy 35BV per month and if you don't order, they send you a ready made packet and charge it to your account. Normally, this would bother me, but I really love [and use] their products. Check them out here.