Create a Breakthrough Marketing Plan ©
By Terri L. Norvell, Business Coach & Consultant

Do you want to achieve stellar sales and business performance? Then establish a strategic marketing plan with your team…right now! Forget complexity. Gather your team together and create an actionable plan that is results focused. Their knowledge, involvement and commitment are keys to success when you plan to succeed!

What Do You Want to Accomplish?
Start with the end in mind. What do you want to accomplish with your marketing plan? Typically business goals are created for areas of increased performance, management issues or opportunities. Want increased sales? Longer contracts? Increased client retention? Lower marketing expenditures with increased results? Your "roadmap" plan must be developed with specific results in mind. Equally important is how you will measure your marketing results. Determine quantifiable specifics of where you are now, and where you want the business results to be in the future. Both 30-day and 90-day timelines are effective for measuring these accomplishments.

Action Application
Use your weekly, monthly and annual reports to gather actual performance data and calculate realistic and stretch goals. If you want to increase your sales by 3%, how many additional prospecting calls are needed to produce the number of new clients? What's the average purchase volume? How many new clients are needed? Is this realistic? The key is to breakdown each goal into measurable deliverables.

Review What's Happening Now?
Chances are that something is currently working (or not working) or has worked in the past to produce results. Build upon your strengths to overcome weaknesses. So ask your team, "What strategies or activities have been tried in previous plans? What results were obtained? Did we secure the desired clients? Will our clients pay more? The activities and skills of your team have produced your current results. To produce different results will require a different focus and corresponding actions.

Action Application
Determine the necessary time requirements with your team (setting them up for success) and evaluate the current competitive, along with market situations. There may also be seasonal factors to consider in your unique marketplace. Pull out past plans, ads, media schedules and training schedules. It's good to build upon a foundation for consistency. Do these plans show potential future success? Or, do you need to start with a fresh focus?

Breakthought Game Plan
Now that you have determined your goals, strengths, weaknesses and competitive situation, you are ready to create a strategic plan with a solid foundation for attaining results. Determining what makes your service or product special (unique from the competition) will provide your "selling proposition". These are the key reasons why a prospective resident will choose your product or service over a competitor's offering. Use this information to define the niche in your immediate market place. Create a specific description of your ideal client. Define who they are and how they look at life i.e. what's important to them! Think of the saying "find a need and fill it…with what you have to offer"! How will you get your message to your desired audience? This is where your actionable marketing plans begin. What sources of information distribution will be effective? Think of new myriad of internet possibilities, strategic alliances with your local and national vendors and associations. Powerful themes, campaigns and attractive graphics will add interest and appeal. Have fun with this creative "out of the box" brainstorming process.

Action Application
Remember there is power in the message and words you choose. You want it to stir the emotions, to get your target audience involved, to feel the experience of your product or service. It should be distinct and memorable, and tell them what makes your offering unique. Whatever form of communiqué is selected, always have a strong benefit headline. Also, be certain to include a specific request. What do you want the reader of your message i.e. ad, letter, flyer, poster, etc. to do? When you ask for a result, you are very inclined to get it!

Terri Norvell is a national business coach and consultant
for fast growing and entrepreneurial businesses.

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