23 Tips For Mastering E-mail ©
by Ernest F. Oriente, The Coach

According to a recent survey by Matrix Information, 100 million people around the globe have access to Internet-based services like the World Wide Web and E-mail. In addition, this report expects electronic commerce to grow from $16 billion in 1998 to $268 billion by the year 2002. Is your company ready for these exploding communication and marketing trends? Is your team ready to handle the E-mail just sent by a new client in Paris or Moscow? Read the tips in this article and learn how easy it is to master E-mail and profit from it…it’s just a few keystrokes away!

Tip for using E-mail with prospective new clients:
  • Be certain each of the offices you manage has a computer modem, a dedicated phone connection, E-mail software, an E-mail account and proper software training
  • Ask your teams to always use spell check before sending an E-mail to a potential new client
  • Have your teams read each E-mail twice before they send it, just to make certain it conveys exactly what they are trying to communicate and it portrays the professional image important to your company
  • When sending an E-mail, the "subject" line must clearly summarize what the body of the E-mail says
  • If your teams are using the E-mail "reply" feature to respond to a potential new client, make certain they reply by including the information the prospect sent in their original E-mail note. In addition, ask your teams to include the name of the prospective client throughout their E-mail reply
  • When using E-mail, it is not considered proper to use all uppercase letters as this signifies "shouting" in the electronic community and is greatly frowned upon.

Tip for using E-mail within your company:
  • If your teams are using E-mail to communicate internally, make certain they understand when to respond by E-mail and when to call the person who sent the original E-mail, depending on the tone or content of the E-mail
  • Explain to your teams how and when to use carbon copy {cc} and blind carbon copy {bcc} with E-mail
  • Have a written company policy regarding the use of E-mail, clearly outlining the rules and expectations of your company. Have this document signed by each person who will be using your E-mail software
  • Explain to your teams that deleting an E-mail does not remove it from their computer system nor from the system of the person the E-mail was sent to. During several recent lawsuits, damaging E-mails that had been deleted were used in the courtroom to the surprise of the individuals and their companies
  • Instruct your teams about the extra care required if they receive an E-mail that has an attached document, as this is where most computer viruses are hidden. Many companies do not let their teams send or open attached files
  • E-mail files can easily be opened and read so confidential information like salaries, financial reports, social security numbers or credit card numbers should not be sent by E-mail.

E-mail can also be used as a powerful marketing tool to attract new clients or to better service your existing clients. Aside from a small $15-$20 service charge per month, sending or receiving E-mail is free. As compared to other forms of marketing…having your teams send E-mails to new or existing clients is their least expensive form of marketing. Imagine the marketing success your teams would have if they had the E-mail address of every prospect who contacted your company over the past 18 months…and your teams could stay in touch with these potential new clients for free!

Tips for using E-mail as a marketing tool:
  • If your offices are using E-mail to handle client questions or special requests, a timely response is expected and required
  • Create two separate E-mail lists…one for prospects and one for current clients so you can send appropriate marketing information to each group
  • Create an electronic newsletter which can be easily sent out on a weekly or monthly basis. Remember, since sending E-mail is free, your teams will have lots more flexibility. In addition, electronic newsletters portray a professional image about your company and are quick to be passed-along to others, thus expanding the reach and exposure for your marketing
  • When sending E-mail, have your teams develop a five to seven line signature which is automatically placed at the bottom of every E-mail they send out. This signature line will further promote their sales, your corporate website and can be changed on a daily basis, if necessary
  • Use E-mail to stay in touch with the media in your area, especially if your company has any exciting events or special projects to announce
  • The E-mail address at each of your offices should be included on every business card, every brochure, on all sales information and with all print advertising.

Want to hear more about this important topic or ask some additional questions about how to use E-mail as a powerful marketing tool? Fax a note on your letterhead to 435-615-8670 or send an E-mail to ernest@powerhour.com and The Coach will fax/E-mail you a free TeleForum invitation. Are you and your teams ready for 21st century marketing?

Author’s note: Ernest F. Oriente, The Coach, founder of PowerHour®, a professional business coaching service delivering customized training, by telephone, in management, marketing and sales for property management companies, apartment locator/corporate housing services and publishing companies worldwide. We specialize in global distance learning by telephone, using our state-of-the-art conference call system for interactive and dynamic TeleForums. Twice-monthly TeleForums link 10 -100 executives/ professionals/ individuals who are geographically dispersed, in a time efficient and profitable format. PowerHour® is based in ski-town—Park City, Utah, at 435-615-8486, by E-mail ernest@powerhour.com or visit our TeleForum website: www.coachingsuccess.com. To receive a FREE property management success newsletter send an E-mail to: ernest@powerhour.com. Recent PowerHour® articles have appeared in 1500+ business/trade publications and websites.

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