Peak Performance – What You See Is What You Get! ©
by Ernest F. Oriente, The Coach

Would you like an easy way to track the performance of your sales superstars? And would a large sales activity board really make a difference? You bet! This article will give you three easy ways to improve the performance of your company because what you see is what you get!

Setting up your sales activity board: Start by ordering a large erasable board from your local office supply store, the bigger the better (hint, a big board = assumed big results!) and mount this board on a wall easily seen by your sales team but not visible to your current or prospective clients.

Use this sales activity board to track the performance of your company, highlighting the "critical" factors for success. Initially, track cold calling activity, client retention percentages, product availability, the number of daily presentations, and closing ratios of presentations versus the number of sales made, just to name a few.

This sales activity board is also a perfect place to forecast the monthly team goals for the sales team you manage and gives each team member a way to see how the month is progressing.

At the end of each month, schedule a regroup meeting to summarize the performance of the recent month. Then, erase the board and set new individual/team goals for the upcoming month.

Tip from The Coach: After you have installed your erasable sales activity board, assign a unique marker color to each sales person. This "pride of ownership" means that each person on your sales team will have great enthusiasm in making sure they can see as much of their marker color on the board, as the rest of the sales team. Sounds crazy, but it works!

Ranking top performers: Using your sales activity boards, recap the performance each month for each of the sales teams you manage and develop a ranking report.

Use this report to track the top performers in your company and circulate this information company-wide.

This ranking report should reward top monthly performance both individually and as a team, depending on the area you are measuring.

This ranking report should also summarize your superstar performers for the month, the quarter and year-to-date.

By reflecting these three time periods, everyone is given a chance to shine and each individual within your company can see how their performance compares to the top sales performers.

Tip from The Coach: Take the results from these rankings and build your sales incentive programs. You now have a yardstick to measure the range of performance at your company and can budget for the number of awards to be given. Your ranking report will also become a powerful tool for calculating projections and predicting each year’s budget. Try and keep all "critical" factors on a one-page report, if possible.

Tracking your key prospects: Now, set up a place on your sales activity board to track the progress of key prospects.

For instance, if five new sales could come from one large company, put their name on your sales activity board and leave a space to track the number of contacts being made with this company.

Or gather industry information available from your trade associations and target the ten largest companies, developing a 90 day game plan to sell each large account.

Tip from The Coach:Work your key prospects consistently and stick to a plan that is measurable and obtainable. Ask your sales team to work like "heart surgeons". A surgeon can apply a little pressure in a small area and get giant results. The same thing will happen for your sales team when they see the results of focusing on their key prospects.

Want to hear more about this important topic or ask some additional questions? Fax a quick note on your letterhead to 435-615-8670 and The Coach will fax you back a free invitation to be an interactive participant on a LIVE telephone teleconference. On this call we will discuss the type of information to put on your sales activity boards and how to develop a performance ranking report for the sales teams you manage, using one form.

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