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Bonus Township, Boone County, Illinois

Andrus Cemetery is located on County Highway #11 - Woodstock Road - 3 miles north and 1 mile east of Belvidere.

"This was an abandoned cemetery for many years with sheep and cows grazing in it. A Boy Scout Troop took it upon themselves as a project to clean it up and it has remained neat. Some of the bodies have been removed to other cemeteries and a few of the stones are hard to read.

Clyde Andrus said when his grandparents, who lived across the road, in the red brick farm, were digging the footing for the barn, they uncovered the bones of two Indians. The bones were interred across the road and that was the beginning of the Andrus Cemetery." - H.M.W.

The information is from Helen Maxwell Williams - an amazing person who has given ComPortOne permission to post the information. For the names of those buried in the Andrus Cemetery click here. Please be patient - the file is in pdf format. You may have to click it a second time.

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