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Poplar Grove Township, Boone County, Illinois

Beaver Hill Cemetery aka. Wheeler Cemetery is located on Highway 76, less than 1/4 mile south of Dawson Lake Road. The cemetery lies on the west side of the road just south of a large brown house. It lies high on the hill and is very difficult to see from the road. There is no road, steps or path from the road into the cemetery. There is no sign. Park along the highway in the easement [it is wide enough] and carefully climb up the steep embankment. It was established in . This cemetery is not maintained at all. There are only 5 stones visible and two of those are down. You will have little luck in finding an ancestor's stone if you walked the small cemetery unless the name was Berg, Gorman, Rider or Bruce.

"The cemetery was probably named for the Wheeler family who lived close in the area for many years. Most people drive right past the cemetery and never know tht it is there." - H.M.W.

Helen Maxwell Williams - an amazing person has spent many incredible hours researching the entire county. She adds information to the cemetery records that she has uncovered throught census and newspaper archives. Helen has generously given ComPortOne permission to post the information. For the names of those buried in the Burr Oak Cemetery [before 1970] click here. Be patient. Its a slow-loading pdf file. If needed hit the "click here" button again.

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Cemetery is high on the knoll
View from south end of cemetery
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Unreadable stones
Unreadable stones
Lucy A dau. [rest is unreadable]
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John BERG d. Oct 16, 1876
John RIDER & Lucy
BERG & GORMAN stones

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