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Flora Township, Boone County, Illinois

Blood's Point Cemetery lies on NW corner of the intersection of Blood's Point Road and Pearl Street [4 1/2 miles south of Belvidere on Pearl St / Rd.] It is surrounded by farm land with two residences nearby. It is a small cemetery that is vandalized often because of its name and isolation. A family known as Blood lived in the area and it is located at the interesection [often referred to as a point]; hence its name. Although there are three entrances, the center one is not used. -CPO

Additional Facts and Rumors about Blood Cemetery

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The entrance gates are non-working
The side entrance is open
GRAVES monument- many names
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Impossible to read
The outline indicates a family plot
Charlotte 1858-1898 w/of H. Shannon

Interesting Facts and Rumors about Blood Cemetery

Interesting Item - from Legends and Lore of Illinois (website at

"A cornucopia of urban legends have attached themselves to this aptly-named rural avenue and its neighboring cemetery. Visitors have reported seeing phantom vehicles and a dog with glowing red eyes. According to legend, the railroad bridge was the scene of a deadly school bus accident, as well as more than one hanging. These hangings have also been attributed to a bridge along nearby Sweeny Road.

The cemetery itself is said to be visited by a wide variety of phenomenon from orbs, to a phantom dog, to a vanishing barn, to the disembodied laughter of children and electrical malfunctions. Bloods Point was named after Arthur Blood, the first white settler of Flora Township. Some locals maintain that he brought a curse with him that remains to this day."

CPO found additional information on Arthur Blood and believes the "curse" has no basis and perhaps was just jealously on other less succesful pioneers. Nevertheless, curse or not, there are unsettling rumors still circulating about Blood cemetery.

"Arthur Blood was the most adventurous member of his family. He went off alone, and built two cabins in Flora Township, Boone county, Illinois, claiming two entire sections of land. He also quarried his own stone and built a stone school house for Flora. He was the first white settler in the township. Then he returned to Indiana to marry his sweetheart he left behind.

His house was up on a slight rise, from which there is a view of most of the township. It was at the edge of a large grove of trees going on over into the next township, and became called Blood's Point. The first road in the area was named Blood's Point Road and the cemetery named Blood's Point Cemetery. Arthur was again the first to move on to other parts of Illinois, selling off a lot of his land to his brother Abel Russell Blood. He lated followed his parents up to Wisconsin, and bought up all their land when his father diedd. He later sold it, became a lawyer, and moved on to Floyd county, Iowa. His first wife died young, but he remarried.

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