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Manchester Township, Boone County, Illinois

Booth School Cemetery is located in Manchester Township of Boone County at the intersection of McCurry and County Line Roads. The cemetery lies on the SE side of the road.

"The old stone Booth School house stood here. There were only two burials here, a Mrs. Booth and her infant daughter. The stone marker lies buried to the west of a large oak tree.
This property is now owned by A. Churchill, the school was torn down many years ago. Mr. Churchill buried the stone marker in the earth at the point it once stood. Dates were not recorded so are unknown. At onetime this was part of a farm owned by the Booth family.
This information was furnished by Mrs. Churchill and Lester Roth, who attended the Booth school. He is now 73 years old." - H.M.A.

Note: Possibly Mrs. Booth was Selina [LINDERMAN] daughter of 1st settler William Linderman and the wife of Henry R. Booth - Mar 16, 1841. Selina was born ca 1824 [1860 Boone Co census]. - Helen Maxwell Williams

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