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Poplar Grove Township, Boone County, Illinois

Clark Cemetery lies on the southeast corner of Highways 76 & 173 west of Poplar Grove. There are only a few stones remaining. It is a very old cemetery. It is nicely maintained but the hill on the side of it should be groomed to make it visible from the highway.

The burial information is from Helen Maxwell Williams who has given ComPortOne permission to post the information.

For the names of those buried in the Clark Cemetery click here. Please be patient - the file is in pdf format.

You may have to click it a second time.

As of this time, I have no pictures of the stones at Clark Cemetery. Although in driving past it, I noticed only a few stones there. In the spring of 2013, I will take another trip out to Clark Cemetery and photograph the few remaining stones. They will be uploaded by early summer of 2013. A link is provided for the list of person buried at Clark Cemetery above...

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