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Davis Cemetery lies on south side of Highway Business 20 [State St from Rockford] at the Winnebago / Boone County boundaries. It lies 1/2 in Boone County and 1/2 in Winnebago County. It is a very old cemetery. It is a private cemetery maintained by relatives of those buried there. The chain on the gate was rusty and impossible to remove. It was necessary to scale the fence. Although it was posted as private, permission was granted from the Fitch family to photograph.

For a list of persons buried in DAVIS CEMETERY CLICK HERE Courtesy of Helen Maxwell Williams - who has many relatives in the cemetery.

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The entrance gates are non-working
Older monuments on the hill
The cemetery is surrounded by farm land
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Some are difficult to read
Most monuments are still standing
Dark shadows on the monuments

For a list of persons buried in DAVIS CEMETERY CLICK HERE

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