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Bonus Township, Boone County, Illinois

Lawrenceville Cemetery is located on Russellville Road, 1/2 mile north of Lawrenceville Rd. [which is about 2 miles east and 1/2 mile north of Belvidere.] The cemetery lies on the east side of the road. It was established in 1869.

"Many of the early Boone County settlers are buried here as well as recent burials of descendants of theirs. The cemetery has been in continuous use since it was formed. it was organized in 1869, when Luther W. and Edwin C. Lawrence sold an acre of ground for $15 to be used for a burial ground. It was originally named Bonus Grove Cemetery as it was surrounded on three sides [N, E and S], by heavy timber. The cemetery was generally called Lawrenceville and in 1954, the name was legally changed to Lawrenceville, after much trial and tribulation. Luther and Edwin had first choice of the lots and after they picked 4 lots, twelve more were sold at that time for $5 a lot. The bodies of early settlers that had been buried in the Luther W. Lawrence Orchard, were removed to the cemetery grounds.

There has been much vandalism here as the cemetery is quite secluded with a thick woods remaining across the road from it and no homes close. It has always been cleared up quickly and the Cemetery Committee keeps close watch over it so it is well cared for." - H.M.W.

The information is from Helen Maxwell Williams. She has given ComPortOne permission to post the information. For the names of those buried in the Lawrenceville Cemetery CLICK HERE.

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Raod view of Lawrenceville
Two down stones
John, Lydia, John Albert LAWRENCE
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Words are sadly worn
Surrounded by farm land

For the names of those buried in the Lawrenceville Cemetery CLICK HERE.

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