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Poplar Grove, Boone County Illinois

Poplar Grove is a small community in Illinois approximately ## miles NE of Rockford; ## miles W of Harvard; and ## miles south of the Wisconsin border. The cemetery is located in the village on South State Street. It was established in 1846.

"The first burial was said to have been, William Sherman in 1846 and the last burial, seems to have been Sarah [Parks] Curtis, in 1897. There undoubtedly are many more buried here that had no markers or they have crumbled away. Some stones have been set in cement and the dates are buried." H.M.W.

The cemetery was walked by Maud E. Ward in 1960 and later by Taylor Decker. Helen Maxwell Williams - an amazing person has spent many incredible hours researching the entire county. She adds information to the cemetery records that she has uncovered throught census and newspaper archives. Helen has generously given ComPortOne permission to post the information. For the names of those buried in the Burr Oak Cemetery [before 1970] click here. Be patient. Its a slow-loading pdf file. If needed hit the "click here" button again.