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Leroy Township, Boone County, Illinois

Stone School House Cemetery is located in Leroy Township at the intersection of Leroy Grange Road at Sharon Road. The cemetery lies on the SW side of the road. It is about 2 miles south of the Wisconsin border. It was established in . The grass was mowed, but the foilage was not trimmed by the monuments and the stones are in bad shape.

"This is another poorly kept cemetery that has been vandalized and undoubted abandoned for a long time. The stones are mostly in piles around trees and would take a couple of men to move them to get all the information off of them. It is located across from a lovely old stone school house which still stands. Years ago, when there was a funeral, the children attending classes, would be dismissed, for the services. I read all the stones I could and looked up all the information I could find, which was very little." - HMW

Walked and recorded by Helen Maxwell Williams in 1970s. For Helen's listing and information on the burials CLICK HERE.

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Photo taken from intersection
Stones stacked up against a tree
Grass was recently mowed
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Henry COLVER and wife Prudence
Discarded stones in a heap

Walked and recorded by Helen Maxwell Williams. For Helen's listing and information on the burials CLICK HERE.

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