ComPortOne Cemetery Sites for the Midwest Cemeteries of Carroll County Illinois

Choose the township in which the cemetery is located. Townships encompass towns and cities and the surrounding area. Remember to check neighboring townships and counties if you don't find the cemetery you are searching for. This list will be added to as each project is finished. This is a continuing research project of ComPortOne. See also: Carroll County Township map

Townships & Cemeteries of Carroll County Illinois
  • Cherry Grove Township
    Cherry Grove Brethern
    Leonards Cemetery
    Saint Wendeline Catholic
  • Elkhorn Township
    So Elkhorn Methodist
  • Fairhaven Township
    Black Oak Lutheran
    Chadwick Methodist
    Fairhaven Cemetery
    Hope Brethern Cemetery
    Stein Family Cemetery
    York Cemetery
  • Freedom Township
    Arnolds Grove Dunkard
    Freedom Cemetery
    Renner Cemetery
  • Lima Township
    Bretheren in Christ
    Brookville Lutheran
    Chamber Cemetery
    Schriener's Cemetery
  • Mount Carroll Township
    Center Hill Cemetery
    Bashaw Family Cemetery
    Bayles Cemetery
    Free Family Cemetery
    Halderman Cemetery
    Hickory Grove
    Jacobstown Cemetery
  • Rock Creek Township
    Lanark City Cemetery
    Rock Creek Cemetery
  • Salem Township
    Adams Cemetery
    Oakville Cemetery
    Salem Trinity Lutheran
  • Savanna Township
    Catholic Cemetery
    Saint Johns Cemetery
    Savanna Cemetery
  • Shannon Township
    Brethern Cemetery
    Shelly Cemetery
  • Washington Township
    Cemetery Hill
    Mosquito Hill
  • Woodland Township
    Henderson Family
    Woodland Brethren
    Zion Cemetery
  • Wysox Township
    Bethel Cemetery
    Dutchtown Brethren
    Page Family Cemetery
    Union Cemetery
  • York Township
    Argo Cemetery
    Lower York Cemetery

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