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Kingston Township, De Kalb County, Illinois

Kingston Cemetery is located on the north side of highway 72 at the east edge of the village of Kingston, Dekalb County, Illinois. Kingston is about 15 miles southeast of Rockford, Illinois. (West of Genoa and east of Kirkland.) Take I39 south and 72 east from Rockford. It is a nicely maintained cemetery with old and new stones. There are two roads into the cemetery - Thurlby Road or off highway 72 by the RR tracks. For listings of those buried within Kingston Cemetery, (link to RootsWeb ~ click here ~.)

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Entrance into North Kingston Cemetery
A dirt road circles through the cemetery.
Sophia, 1854-1934, wife of Charles STRAY
and Charles STRAY 1854-1941
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JONES George Henry & Electa Peavy How sad. No names are included.
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Welthy, wife of H.R. FULLER, age 37 FAIRCLO - Lora, dau, Hannah, wife
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Darwin C THOMAS died 1852 Erected by sister, Mary L ROWAN

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