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Kingston Township, De Kalb County, Illinois

North Kingston Cemetery is located about 5 miles northwest of Genoa, De Kalb County, Illinois. This is about 10 miles southeast of Belvidere, Illinois. Take Genoa Road, off highway 20, just east of Belvidere. Drive 10 miles on Genoa Road, the cemetery lies on the east side of the road, about 1/2 mile south of Meims Road. It is a nicely maintained cemetery with old and new stones. There is a road into the cemetery under the arch of the sign which circles around the small cemetery. For listings of those buried within North Kingston Cemetery, courtesy of RootsWeb ~ click here ~.

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Entrance into North Kingston Cemetery
A dirt road circles through the cemetery.
Sophia, 1854-1934, wife of Charles STRAY
and Charles STRAY 1854-1941
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Two more STRAY monuments Daniel, Catherine, & Freddie ARBUCKLE
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WORCESTER monument
John 1824-1859, Mary 1826-1904
BOWKER monument
William 1823-1897 Mary 1827-1893
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Effie E Mayburry 1856-1859 Decorative display for Effie Mayburry

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