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Antioch Township, Lake County, Illinois

Hickory Union Cemetery is located east of Antioch [about 3 1/2 miles]. Take Hwy 173 east of Antioch, Hwy 45 north [1 mile], Edwards Road 1/2 mile east. The cemetery lies on the north side of the road. Park alongside the road. Very country atmosphere. Many horse farms in area. Nicely maintained.

A listings of the burials at Hickory Union Cemetery (provided by US Archives) can be found at this link - CLICK HERE

Some pictures of Hickory Union Cemetery.

Lake County Hickory Union Cemetery
Lake County Hickory Union Cemetery
Lake County Hickory Union Cemetery
Hickory Union Cemetery
Antioch Twp, Lake Co, Illinois
Country road leads up to
cemetery w/ fence boarding property
Jefferson, Charles - Sons of
Charles & Derrinda ELY
Lake County Hickory Union Cemetery
Lake County Hickory Union Cemetery
Lake County Hickory Union Cemetery
POLLOCK Monument - John 1826-1901
Christianna 1838-1867 Helen 1849-1916
FRAZIER - Theodore 1859-1929
wife, Nettie 1866-1955
WEBB Monument - tons of information
- see below

The WEBB monument is an exquisite work of art. Designed and purchased from American White Bronze Company in from Chicago. They are hollow metal markers in a bluish-gray color, white bronze gravestones are cast zinc. These markers are made in the same shapes and styles as marble and granite monuments. This one is incredibly crafted with intricate detail rarely seen on a monument. Each panel of information can be added as needed so the value is there in the amount of persons who can share the space available on the monument instead of buying a monument for each family member. [Want more information on White Bronze markers? Try]

There is a lot of information on all four sides and eight areas of the WEBB monument. In fact, this is the most information I have ever seen on a monument, which will take a bit of time to decipher. If you are related to this WEBB family, enjoy, you have hit the jackpot. Each section will be listed below.

Children of GH & MM WEBB
Born Phoenix, NY
Ruby Ann Sept 17, 1828
Mercy Nov 9, 1831
Delos Aug 5, 1834
Geo E July 13, 1836
Henry A July 30, 1838
Ceylon E June 8, 1842
Helen M Born in Toddsville, NY
June 16, 1846 Married to Todd King.
Children of: G.H. & M.M. WEBB
Buried at Phoenix, NY
Mercy Sept 14, 1832
Delos Oct 7, 1834
Ceylon Mar 25, 1844 Toddsville, NY
Geo. E Nov 30, 1867 Antioch, Ill
Helen M, wife of John King Dec 24, 1883 Antioch, Illinois
Children of H.A. & L.E. WEBB
Born in Antioch, Illinois
Geo S May 9, 1861
Austin T June 22, 1868
Ceylon E Aug 24, 1870
R Marsh June 23, 1873
Homer J Apr 11, 1879
Born Newport, Illinois
Horace H June 22, 1863
May H Dec 25, 1865
Laura E, wife of H.A. WEBB died Aurora, Ill Mar 14, 1884

H.A. WEBB died Oct 30, 1916

Sarah, wife of H.A. WEBB died Aurora, Ill Feb 17, 1930

Sarah VAN PATTEN Born Ira,
Cayuga Co, NY Feb 3, 1844
Married to H.A. WEBB at
Waukegan, Ill Feb 22, 1887

H.A. WEBB born Phoenix, NY
July 30, 1838

Laura E TRUMBULL Born Rupert,
Vermont Aug 26, 1838
Married at Pleasant Prairie, Wis
July 4, 1860.
Lived at Antioch, Ill til Nov 14, 1883
Moved to Aurora.

G.H. WEBB Born Providence, RI
November 29, 1804

Marie M MARSH Born Ware, Mass
May 30, 1805
Married Oaksville, NY
Jan 4, 1827, moved to
Antioch, Ill April 27, 1851

Ann TYGERT Born Dambe, NY
December 13, 1817
Married to G.H. WEBB
Sept 25, 1853 at Fredonia, NY

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