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Chemung Township, McHenry County, Illinois

Chemung Cemetery is located in Chemung. Highway 173; go north on Oak Grove Road, follow the curve to east. The cemetery lies on the north side of the road. There is no name at the location. There is no road going into the cemetery, you must park along the road. It was established in 1845 with land purchased by Henry Stevens. His son Hiram is buried there - Hiram Stevens Co. E 95 Ill Inf. GAR. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the county, supposedly abandoned by 1885 when a cemetery was established on the area Methodist church grounds. It is now maintained by Chemung Township.

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A fence surrounds the cemetery.
Farm on east side
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Waity SHIPPE monument b 1780 - 1858
Unreadable monument
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Damaged monuments
Sam'll A. PATCHIN Co. E 95 Ill Inf.
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Only the bottom remains.
Broken monuments in corner.

Photographs taken on 3.16.2002

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