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Hebron Township, McHenry County, Illinois

Hebron Cemetery is located in Hebron. Highway 173 to Johnson Road [N] to Hillside Road [N]. It is about 2 miles west of Hebron, Illinois. It is high on the hill and is much larger than it looks from the street. The cemetery is active and has much room for expansion. They had been hit with vandalism shortly before the pictures were taken. The stones are laid out for repair.

linn-hebron22.jpg - 3789 Bytes
linn-hebron23.jpg - 5896 Bytes
Linn-Hebron from the road
Entrance to cemetery
linn-hebron24.jpg - 6219 Bytes
linn-hebron36.jpg - 5179 Bytes
Newer section of cemetery
Older section with stones down
linn-hebron27.jpg - 5802 Bytes
linn-hebron25.jpg - 5221 Bytes
Betsey HIGGINS monument
David SHAW monument
linn-hebron37.jpg - 6190 Bytes
linn-hebron32.jpg - 6915 Bytes
Stones down throughout cemetery
More ready for repair

Photographs taken on 3.13.2002

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