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White Rock Township, Ogle County, Illinois

Bethel or Hayes Cemetery contains about 19 graves. It is no longer in use. It is located just east of Kings on the north side of Illinois Rt. 64 in a field. It is surrounded by a corn field and some of the stones are no longer readable.

A link to the "Rootsweb" list of burials in Bethel Hayes cemetery can be found here.

View from the road
A view from the other side
Site of Revolutionary War
Veteran burial
Mason HATCH monment
No other information here
d 30 Mar 1865
Richard HAYES died 1868 age 76
Wife Hannah died 1877 age 81
The HAYES monument to the left
contains many names upon it
with even more names on other sides.

Hiram HAYES d 14 Jan 1889
wife Elizabeth d 13 Apr 1901

Sons and Daughter of H & E :
Emma died 9 Feb 1863
Eva C died 26 Feb 1872
Alice died 4 Mar 1873
William C died 20 Feb 1863

Margaret C (Caroline CAMPBELL)
1st wife of Hiram HAYES
died 13 Jun 1858

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