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Scott Township, Ogle County, Illinois

Big Mound Cemetery is located 2 1/2 miles SW of the Village of Davis Junction, Ogle County, Illinois, on Big Mound Road, in Section 27. The first burial was in 1866. It is fenced with a metal archway bearing its name at the entrance. The mound is visible for 15 miles and is the highest point between Chicago and Savanna. Seven towns can be seen from the top of the mound. Fourth of July celebrations were held here for many years, drawing people from a wide area, before and after the cemetery was established. The cemetery has many older monuments with a few newer ones interspersed. Some family names found in Big Mound Cemetery are: Yates; Nagles, Hackbarth, Duhigg, Dummer, Witherstine,

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Big Mound Cemetery entrance
View from the far end
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WEDIG monument
Old DUMMER monument
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WITHERSTINE family plot
A very dry summer
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Same HACKBARTH monument in 2001. Normal wear and tear or vandalism???
HACKBARTH monument in 2000
Information may be lost. Get it ASAP.

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Info source: Ogle County Genealogical Society.

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