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City of Freeport, Stephenson County, Illinois

Calvary Cemetery is located on the north side of the 1700 block of Stephenson Rd, east of Green St. The cemetery has many older monuments and newer ones in the northern section.

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Calvary Cemetery off Stephenson Road
Very well maintained grounds
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Philip H MURPHY Mausoleum
Cold storage for winter - see explanation
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Patrick, Margaret & James CARRIGAN
James, Margaret, John & Elizabeth RYAN
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Parick, Maria & Sabina LACY
Patrick GRANT Monument

Cold Storage - Explanation
Before modern technology, a person who died, when the ground was covered in snow and frozen solid, would have to remain in a sort-of cold storage until the spring thaw at which time they (and all those contained in this building) would be buried. The cold storage building was often built into the side of a hill to ultilize the earth-sheltered insulation to maintain a cooler temperature. Greenwood Cemetery (Rockford), Calvary Cemetery (Freeport), Oakland Cemetery (Janesville), and other larger cemeteries had this resource. I still do not know how smaller cemeteries handled the situation.


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