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EST 1913-1985

Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois

Established in 1913 as a final resting place for the area's rich and famous, Forest View Abbey was designed and built - complete with marble, carpeting and stained glass. It was a mausoleum masterpiece in design, construction and luxury.

Forest View Abbey Mausoleum WAS located at 2100 block of N Main St, Rockford - just north edge of Greenwood Cemetery (Auburn & Main Streets, Rockford, Illinois.) Although, it is important to note that Forest View was NOT owned or maintained by Greenwood Cemetery.

Problems for the mausoleum started when The Great Depression depleted the endowment monies that were once set aside for its care - although mismanagement was certainly a factor. Without money to maintain its care, Forest View was left unprotected - normal wear and tear as well as vandals had caused the mausoleum's irreversible destruction. The vandals had been breaking in, destroying crypts and reportedly at least on one occasion, had photographed skeletal remains.

By the early 1960s, the beautiful, impressive building was in obvious disrepair. It took nearly 20 years before the City of Rockford and area residents would be able to demand its repair or destruction. Records were lost and they were unable to locate some relatives of those interred and no one was willing to take on the costs of restoring Forest View to its previous splendor.

Between 1960 and the year of destruction (1985), many of its nearly 300 interments were removed to area cemeteries. When the mausoleum was demolished, in exchange for the land, Greenwood cemetery agreed to move the unclaimed remains next door in a designated area to the adjacent Greenwood Cemetery.

Picture ...courtesy of Greenwood Cemetery

Interred in Forest View Abbey Mausoleum

Matthew RICHMOND b 14 Oct 1849 in Ayrshire, Scotland. d 1 Nov 1928 in Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois. Buried on 3 Nov 1928 in Forest View Abbey. (Married Emily Elizabeth HARRISON 28 Dec 1886.)

Emily Elizabeth HARRISON - RICHMOND b 27 Feb 1857 Nelson, Halton, Ontario. d 30 Oct 1919 in Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois. Buried on 1 Nov 1919 in Forest View Abbey.

Jessie Marie RICHMOND - SHIPLEY b 28 Dec 1890 Palatine, Cook, Illinois. d 3 Dec 1946 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI. She was cremated in Forest View Abbey, Rockford, Illinois. Daughter of Matthew Richmond & Emily Harrison (above) Married Henry Ellis SHIPLEY 30 Oct 1912. He died in 1969 in Michigan - ashes scattered.

Elbridge Ayer BURBANK, Painter of Indian Portraits - Letter from E. E. Moore of Mount Olivet Cemetery to Dr. John Kiser, dated September 1, 1978, which indicated "... the cremated remains of Elbridge Ayer Burbank were shipped to: Burpee, Olive {sic} and Company, 420 Main Street, Rockford, Illinois on July 16, 1949. For interment in Forest View Abbey, paid for and arranged by Ex Wife Blanche A. O'Sullivan." []

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