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Rockford Township, Winnebago County, Illinois

Cedar Bluff Cemetery is located in Rockford. It is bordered on the south by Rural Street and on the west by Hwy 251 [aka Longwood Street]. Cedar Bluff Cemetery can be seen from Highway 251. The cemetery was established in . The cemetery must be entered on Rural Street just east of Hwy 251. In the summer of 1854 a cholera epidemic hit Rockford. Fourteen persons died in July and were buried in one long row at Cedar Bluff Cemetery. Most of the older monuments are located on the west edge of the cemetery.

Enter from Rural Street
Alfred & Eunice LEGGETT
Nicely maintained grounds
HAMILTON mausoleum
This older stone is lain down
Seven ALLEN names are listed on this monument
Older stone is laid down
Seven ALLEN names are listed
Fanny FOSTER 1802-1880
MACKEY monument

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