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Cherry Valley Township, Winnebago County, Illinois

Dodge Cemetery is located at 7217 Perryville Road just south of Blomberg, Cherry Valley Township, Illinois [east of Rockford, off Harrison Road]. It lies on the west side of the street on the north side of a residence. The wire fence that encloses the cemetery appears to be electric. The cememtery was established in ???? . It is a very small cemetery, and by far one of the most neglected. The stones are heaped in the center area with weeds grown up around them. Access to the stones is prohibitive because of the fencing. There is no visible effort to care for the stones in any fashion. The following pictures will show the deteriorated condition of this cemetery. The stones will be difficult to see because of the foliage overgrowth. Records will have to obtained from previous readings as little is salvagable here.

The sign is on the -electric- fence look behind the trees
Stones are leaning against the tree Stones amidst the foliage
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A pile of stones or monument
Headstones are hard to see

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