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Laona Township, Winnebago County, Illinois

Fenlon Cemetery is located 5 miles north Durand, Illinois on Center Road, about 1/2 mile south of of the Wisconsin state line. It was established in 1843. The small cemetery consists of mostly older monuments. The family names found in the Fenlon Cemetery are: Fenlon, McGraw, Sammon, Fox, Cavanaugh, Nelson, Powers, Dagnan, McDermott.

Written on back of Fenlon Cemetery Monument
"In memory of the Fenlon Family, the early Catholic settlers and Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli O.P. All of who served this area. The plot was obtained by a land grant in 1843 to James and Peter Fenlon was then deeded in 1862 to the Diocese of Chicago."

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Fenlon Cemetery stone at entrance
All headstones are at the far end
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Elizabeth FENLON
FENLON Monument
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Patrick, son of Peter & Ann FENLON
Words on back of Cemetery Dedication

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