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Rockford Township, Winnebago County, Illinois

Greenwood Cemetery is located at the corner of Auburn & Main Streets, Rockford, Illinois. It was established in 1845. Since Greenwood is still an active cemetery, it has many older monuments and newer ones interspersed. Greenwood Cemetery is the oldest and largest cemetery in Rockford. Many of Rockford's earliest influential leaders are buried in Greenwood Cemetery. There are nearly 25,000 burials in Greenwood and room for an additional 25,000 on its 114 acres of land.

Click here for a map of Greenwood Cemetery's layout with additional historical information. We are in the process of photographing the entire Greenwood Cemetery in hopes of gathering more information for our Midwest Family database. Anticipated completion - mid-summer.

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Entrance off Auburn Street
The Chapel is to be restored
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Nordstrom monument
Most monuments are large.
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Beautifully sculptured stones
R.W. Buckbee Mausoleum
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Porter Monument
James d. 1896 & Barbara d. 1895
Phoebe Miller 1791-1846
Luther Miller 1771-1846

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