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Pecatonica Township, Winnebago County, Illinois

Hulse Cemetery is in the country in Pecatonica Township. It lies on the south side of Trask Bridge Road just east of Pecatonica Road. It was established in 1838. It is an old cemetery with many older monuments; some hard to read. It is well maintained. There is no parking area nor a road into the cemetery. You must park along the road on a narrow shoulder. Many of the children died young in this area. Some family names in the Hulse Cemetery are: Hulse, Swift, Billick, Sarver, Dallas, Buster, Forsythe, Foster, Willson, Vinica, Cole, Henderson, Campbell, Blake, Tunks, Winchester, Lake

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Hulse Cemetery
View from Trask Bridge Road
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SWIFT family in a line
Broken monuments on stump
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P. HULSE 1828-1866
Older HULSE monument
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3 children of Rayme & Lois SARVER
Lucinda SWIFT age 4 years

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