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Rockford Township, Winnebago County Illinois

Kishwaukee Cemetery is located at about the 8100 block of Kishwaukee Road. Drive from Rockford to Stillman Valley - just before you get to the Ogle County line, the cemetery lies on the west side. It was established in . It is well maintained. The cemetery has many older monuments and newer ones interspersed. Kishwaukee Cemetery is the sight of the yearly Veteran's Day celebration for the Kishwaukee and Stillman Valley area. Some family names found in the Kishwaukee Cemetery are: Prentice, Lake, Noble, McCammond, Morley, Banks, May, Sovereign, Howe, .

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Welcome to Kishwaukee cemetery
Newer section of cemetery
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Older section of cemetery
McCAMMOND family monument
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Alice E. MORLEY d. 4-28-1938
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Seth NOBLE 1802-1882
John LAKE - Civil War Veteran 1824-1911

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