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Rockford Township, Winnebago County, Illinois

Marsh Cemetery is located on the north side of Spring Creek Road [about the 4000 block], 1/4 mile west of Alpine Road, atop a hill. It was informally established at the back end of a farm located off Alpine Road. The cemetery was in the area where currently Dorset Drive turns into Eaton. There are minutes from the cemetery board meeting dating as far back as 1856. However, there are earlier deaths in the cemetery, having been moved from area farms after the cemetery was established. The earliest recorded death is an infant who died in March of 1838. There are upwards of 100 burials recorded in Marsh Cemetery. Drive through the outer edge of the cemetery or park at the bottom and walk. It is chained and secured at both the entrance and the exit.

Surnames of persons buried in Marsh Cemetery can be found here.

Marsh Cemetery02 Marsh Cemetery05
Marsh Cemetery gated entrance Photographed from the east side
Marsh Cemetery72 Marsh Cemetery74
Entrance is a narrow 45 degree slope Most of the stones are still standing
Marsh Cemetery75 Marsh Cemetery77
Edwin GORHAM and Rhoda M, his wife Richard MARSH - Sarah - Rhoda & Averill
Marsh Cemetery81 Marsh Cemetery83
James COOPER & family monument A monument buried in the weeds

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