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Pecatonica Township, Winnebago County, Illinois

Rose Hill Cemetery is in Pecatonica Township. It lies on the west side of Best Road just south of Norris Road [Blair Road out of Pecatonica turns into Best Road] . It was established in . It is an small cemetery with many older monuments; some hard to read. There is no fence enclosure but it appears as though there once was. There is no parking area nor a road into the cemetery. You must park along the road. Some family names in the Rose Hill Cemetery are: Canfield, Stork, Bergquist, Floren, Larson, Charles, Dahl, Lungren, Johnson.

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Rose Hill Cemetery
View from Best Road
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Farm in the distance
View of Norris Road
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Jonas LARSON 1840-1895
Gustaf FLOREN born in Sweden
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Gustava & Gustav NEWBERG
Teresa Ann CANFIELD age 1 year

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