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Rockford Township, Winnebago County, Illinois

Scandinavian Cemetery is a large cemetery located in Rockford on the NE side of the intersection of Rural / Guilford / Greenwood Streets. Scandinavian Cemetery was established in . The cemetery is fenced in and the gate was locked so one must enter off Guilford Road. There is an older section up by the fence along Greenwood, although some older stones can also be found in other sections of the cemetery. Near the center of the cemetery eight [8] roads converge in an octopus-like arrangement. It is easy to lose one's place with the layout of this cemetery. Many of the names are obviously Scandinavian.

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Entrance locked - enter off Guilford
NELSON monument
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Unreadable older monuments
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Stones along the curb
Well maintained
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ANDERSON monument
Older monument

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