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Scotch Argyle Cemetery [aka, Willowcreek Cemetery] is located on Picken Road, just east of Belvidere Road and north of Highway 173. It was established in 18. The cemetery has many older monuments and is beautifully maintained. Many of the persons buried here were "Members of the Willow Creek Church Settlement". The cemetery is in two counties - Winnebago County and Boone County. Some family names found in the Scotch Argyle Cemetery are: Watson, Reid, Ferguson, Smith, McLarty, McMillan, Greenlee, Tyman, Picken, Armour, & Ralston.

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Older monuments repaired
Clean and white monuments
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scottish15.jpg - 5604 Bytes
Still standing straight
RALSTON Monument
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Beautifully maintained
Only a few monuments are down

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