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Durand Township, Winnebago County, Illinois

St. Mary's Cemetery is located just outside Durand on ?? Road.

stmarys_durand69.jpg - 7131 Bytes stmarys_durand74.jpg - 7656 Bytes
St Mary's name at entrance
Statue in the cemetery
stmarys_durand73.jpg - 6706 Bytes stmarys_durand76.jpg - 5446 Bytes
Unique monument - LENNON
Name from previous monument
stmarys_durand81.jpg - 7503 Bytes stmarys_durand75.jpg - 6376 Bytes
Stones along the roadway
DAILEY monument
stmarys_durand71.jpg - 5872 Bytes stmarys_durand80.jpg - 6490 Bytes
DOLAN monument
Farmland in the background

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