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Cemeteries in the Midwest
Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin

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This beautiful monument can be found at the Greenwood Cemetery, Rockford, Winnebago co, Illinois.

Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin Cemeteries

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Continuously updated on ComPortOne! This site will grow as the research is found and uploaded.

Midwest cemeteries are listed within townships. Those townships are listed within their respective counties. And of course, the counties are listed within each state. Although we are concentrating on Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, sometimes we post information that extends out a bit farther.

Our goal is first and foremost to list the Illinois and Wisconsin cemeteries online. Eventually, we plan to go much farther - we plan to photograph and research the cemeteries; list the names of the persons buried; and finally, research the individuals and their families.

Be patient as we add this vital and important information for the family researcher, genealogist, and historian. If you have information or are able to volunteer to help (with any midwest history or cemetery), please email connie@comportone.com and put ** cemeteries ** in the subject line or it will not be read.