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Dellwood Cemetery, Strongs Prairie Township, Adams County, Wisconsin

Davis Corners Cemetery was established in 1840. Dellwood Cemetery County is located on the east side of Highway Z, north of County Trunk J in Strong's Prairie Township, Adams County Wisconsin. A map of the location can be found here.

There is no sign marking the name of the cemetery and due to the dampness of the area, many of the stones are covered in lichens and moss. There is however a list of persons buried in Dellwood Cemetery [before 2001]. It can be found here [a link to rootsweb freepages].

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A dirt road leads into the small cemetery
Many of the monuments have flowers
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Lichen covered NILES monument
Oliver & Perley [NILES] no dates
barnswisconsin32007 031.jpg - 11256 Bytes barnswisconsin32007 032.jpg - 10590 Bytes
NIEBAUER - Adolf & Anna E
1867-1934     1871-1955
Nancy L WALLACE 1864-1922
barnswisconsin32007 033.jpg - 9957 Bytes barnswisconsin32007 038.jpg - 9232 Bytes
Lichen covered THOMPSON monument
Mons & Ragnhild
1860-1955   1857-1934
Father - Louis 1864-1950
Mother - Lulu 1896-1984

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