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Highland Township, Iowa County, Wisconsin

St. Anthony's Cemetery is located in the Village of Highland adjacent to where St. Anthony's Church once stood. St. Anthony's Church caught fire in April of 2002 and burned to the ground. However, luckily the historical records were stored elsewhere. The older part of the cemetery is laid out in order of burials so family members may not be buried next to each other in that section, unless they died at relatively the same time. ComPortOne has some information on persons buried within the cemetery. Email ComPortOne with your request and we will try to assist you. The records St. Anthony's Church has in its possession [births, christenings, marriages, etc.] are in German and the current Priest would have to give permission to view. For an extensive article on the KROLL-MARTIN family, which includes at least a third of the persons buried in St. Anthony's Cemetery - click here.

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St. Anthony's Cemetery from the west
A few stones are down but still readable
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Anton KROLL 1831-1894
Katherine MARTIN 1868-1956
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William Charles BAUER 1887-1931
Pvt. Co F     311 Engineers
Rev. Fred A. WAMBOLD 1862-1921
Ordained Priest 1888
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John 1859-1933   Josephine 1863-1932
Theresa G 1853-1931   Henry 1849-1927

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