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Bradford Township, Rock County, Wisconsin

Bradford Cemetery is NE of Beloit; NNE of Clinton, Bradford Township, Rock County, WI. Take Hwy 140 North out of Clinton (abt 3 miles); go east on Bradford Town Hall Road (abt 2 miles); then north on South Carver's Rock Road. It is on the west side of the road. Don't blink, you'll miss it. It is a small, damp, mossy cemetery. There were only 4 stones visible and I could only read one. That stone was John Smith and Louisa, his wife. There are some infants listed on a stone that is unreadable and would require some mud or a rubbing to read. A Revolutionary War veteran's stone was not found, just the plaque. The outer boundary of the cemetery may have once been built of large rocks. It is however in disrepair with few areas of stone remaining.

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A view from the road
Bradford Cemetery
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Farmland surrounds Bradford cemetery
Three stones visible in center area
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Daughter of Revolutionary Soldier
placed by Betsy Hoyt Chapter DAR
Masonic emblem found in the cemetery by unreadable stone

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