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Clinton Township, Rock County, Wisconsin

In the Jefferson Prairie East Cemetery is a marker to indicate the site of the East Church which was also known as the Brick Church. The 2-acre site was purchased in 1848 from Gulik Knudsen for $3.10. The church was constructed the following year. This cemetery has a large area of unmarked graves of cholera epidemic victims. In 1903 the congregations of East Church and West Church merged and now handle the management of both cemeteries.

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A long dirt road leads to the cemetery
The sign is obstructed by the pine trees
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Angel monument overlooks cemetery
Cemetery is recently mowed
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Carrie w/o Peter HYNNING 1870-1899
An obedient daughter and a loving wife
A few monuments in the cemetery
are in need of repair

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Historical information regarding the cemeteries in Clinton Township was primarily found in Clinton Bicentennial 1776-1976 and the Beloit Wisconsin Veteran's Association

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