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Avon Township, Rock County, Wisconsin

Northrup Cemetery is about 7 1/2 miles NW of Beloit; 1 mile SE of Brodhead, Wisconsin; 3/4 mile east of the Green/Rock county border. Take Hwy 81 west of Beloit; go north 1 mile on Avon Store Road; west 1/4 mile on Avon Road. The cemetery lies on the south side of the road. It is small and I passed it by the first time. Northrup Cemetery is surrounded by farmland.

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Northrup Cemetery, Avon Township
Rock county, Wisconsin
Nice side view of cemetery.
Fenced in and near a farm.
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The stone was too heavy too lift.
So this one remains unknown.
Sylvester NORTHRUP
Sep 14, 1869 - 48y-6m-8d
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David OLIN d. Mar 25, 1886
Age 81yr 10mo 28day
Mother 1813-1851
Stone is facing down.
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Older Elanson WARD monument
Very hard to read
Newer WARD plaque behind the other
Nov 15, 1797 - Mar 1, 1852

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