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City of Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin

There are two burials inside the St. Thomas Catholic Church. The church's book A Hundred and Twenty-Five Years of Faith incidcates that Captiain Thomas A. Power was born in Rosscarbery, County Cork, Ireland in 1794. He had been a sea captain before settling in New York which was where he married Lucy A. Little in 1819. By the time Captain Power was elected as the first president of the Beloit Village Board in 1846, he was a well-established landowner. In 1854, Mrs. Lucy Power presented the parcel of land for the construction of the church at its current locations with the provisiton that she and her late husband be interred within the church. When the church was completed, the body of Captain Power was moved there and Mrs. Power was interred next to him in 1886. In Sparks from the Flaming Wheel on the history of the St. Thomas Catholic Church, Reverand Father Albert Schubiger wrote that "the name St. Thomas was given to the church in memory of Captain Thomas Power."

Pictures of the memorials will be added shortly and outside pictures will be retaken when time permits and we are blessed with a sunny day.

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St. Thomas Catholic Church
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View from Grand Avenue

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Information source: Beloit Wisconsin Veterans Association.