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Person filling out this form:




Needed information:
City / Town ______________________________County___________________________

Location _____________________________________Population/year ______________

5 Top Employers - What they produce or service provided - # of employees






Utilities Suppliers:
Gas ____________________________________Electric ____________________________

Local Telephone __________________________Cable _____________________________

Available: (check please)
Well water_____Septic system_____City water______City sewer____

Political Represenation- Put in your district #'s:
Representatives #______Senate # _______Congressional #_______

Nearest Hospital ___________________________ # miles away _____

Number of: Doctors in community ___________ Dentists _________

Education: Please include district and name of schools
# of ____ Elementary Schools Total # students __________

District_____ Name

# of ____ Secondary (middle or jr high) / # students__________

District_____ Name

# of ____ High Schools / Total # students____________

District_____ Name

If there is a community college in your area please list name and distance from town.


Fire Department # of employees ________ full-time _______part-time ________ volunteers

Police Department # of employees __________ full-time __________ part-time

Additional information:
Please send additional information on what is unique or special about your town. A history would be ideal, include a picture, town logo, etc, if you'd like this to be featured. Please send brochures and other promotional items. Any information [printed, text or html format] and logos [in .jpg or .gif format only] saved to disk are appreciated.

*** ComPortOne is also interested in listing in ComPortOne's goverment section your town/village/city and township:

  • elected officials, with their name, addresses, and phone#and email
  • appointed positions with office address, phone and email
  • school board members - names, addresses, and phone # and email

We now also add URL and links to websites such as, the 5 leading employers in your area, town/village website, chamber of commerce, county, libraries, historical places to visit, utility companies, political representatives, police and /or fire department, etc. This is for those who are doing research on your town or considering moving to your area. Please assist us by providing the URLs that you know and if don't know a URL but know they have a website, please let us know that, too.

We have recently added information about cemeteries on ComPortOne for those who are doing genealogical research in our area. If you can include any information on cemeteries, that too would be appreciated. [Such as name, location, history, etc...]
Thanks so much.

In case you want to know a bit about ComPortOne - we are hit in excess of 250,000 times per month. ComPortOne is a source of information pertaining to the Midwest and we need to update on a regular basis to stay current.

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