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Crime Free Multi-Housing Property Inspection Checklist

While every effort has been made to incorporate into this checklist reasonable means to improve existing facilities against criminal activity, there is no express or implied promise of guarantee that if these suggestions are implemented that no criminal activity will take place.


  1. Are apartment numbers visible from the street day and night?
  2. Are front doors well-lit?
  3. Are shrubs cut to mid-point of window?
  4. Are tree limbs cut 6 feet from ground level?
  5. Are fences in good condition?
  6. Have you installed motion-activated lights?
  7. Does community have an outside directory?
  8. Is outside directory well-lit?
  9. Are pathways well-lit?
  10. Is covered parking well-lit?
  11. Is uncovered parking well-lit?
  12. Do you have padlocks on the electrical boxes?
  13. Do you have a padlock on the rear gate?
  14. Is the laundry facility well-lit?
  15. Is outgoing mail accessible only to the U.S. Postal Service?


  1. Do doors close tightly?
  2. Do overhead doors have a track lock?
  3. Are overhead doors closed when not is use?
  4. Are automatic openers unplugged during vacations?
  5. Is the door leading into the apartment always locked?
  6. Do you remove the keys from your vehicle in the garage?


  1. Is there a self-closing gate to the swimming pool?
  2. Are pool rules posted and visible?
  3. Is pools area well-lit?
  4. Is there a phone located in the pool area?
  5. Is life-saving equipment accessible?


  1. Do all front doors have 180 degree viewholes?
  2. Are all exterior solid core?
  3. Do all exterior doors have deadbolt locks?
  4. Are single cylinder deadbolts at least 40 inches from glass?
  5. Do all exterior doors securely fit in frames?
  6. Are all door frames in good condition?
  7. Are all strike plates securely fastened to door frames with 3-inch screws?
  8. Do all deadbolts extend at least 1 inch into frame?
  9. If hinge pins are on outside, are they non-removable?
  10. Are all locks replaced or re-keyed when tenants move out?
  11. Do sliding glass doors have pin locks?


  1. Do all casement windows close tightly?
  2. Have casement windows have pinned or looked through handle?
  3. Do sliding windows fit securely in tracks?
  4. Do all sliding windows have anti-slide locks?
  5. Can open windows be secured?
  6. Do curtains or blinds fully cover windows?

Reprinted with permission from the Scottsdale, Arizona Police Department,
Sergeant Anderson.

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