Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory [Fermilab]

 Fermi National
Accelerator Laboratory [Fermilab]
 Science Museum 
 Kirk Rd & Pine St  Phone: 630-840-3092
 Batavia   IL     County: DuPage Co  
 Email: mbardeen@fnal.gov    Fax: 630-840-8248
 Website: www-ed.fnal.gov  Map: Yes 

Highlights: Ferminlab is a research laboratory where scientists explore the fundamental nature of matter. Guided [reservations required] and self-guided tours [depends on the size of the group] give a window into the laboratory's research. The 6,800 acre site offers many cultural and recreational opportunities. Workshops are offered for educators and adults. Attend other cultural events at Fermilab - Art Series, Lecture Series, Film Series, Art Gallery, International Folk Dancing, Scottish Country Dancing, Barn Dancing. Some of the cultural events require tickets and vary in price.

Hours: Open daily 8:30am - 5pm.
Admission: The fermilab is FREE however, some cultural events may cost.

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