Plant a Row...

Share Your Harvest with the Hungry

Tons of Tomatoes? Zillions of Zucchini? Bushels of Beans?
Donate your extra produce to the hungry.

The following information was reprinted from a pamphlet put out by the
University of Illinois Extension - Winnebago County

Step 1: Joining the PAR Campaign

PAR is rooted in the tradition of sharing bountiful garden harvests with others. The plan is simple. University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners, GWAA & HGTV are asking you to plant an additional row in your garden or field and deliver the harvest to a PAR location near you. Your fresh produce will then be distributed to the hungry in our community. You can participate as an individual or team up with friends, co-workers, religious, gardening or other social groups.

Record your donations. "In kind" donations to qualified organizations, such as PAR, are tax deductible per IRS pub#526, 1-800-829-1040. The value is determined by the lesser cost of production or fair market value. To do this, ask for a receipt when you deliver your donation.

Step 2: Planting a Row

No matter how little space you have to plant an additional row of herbs, fruits or vegetables for giving, you can make a great contribution! We welcome whatever you can give. If you regularly plant too much, the excess will mean a great deal to your community soup kitchen or food pantry. Even if your garden consists only of ornamentals, or a planter on a condo balcony, add a few herbs. Herbs are welcome because the add nutrients as well as flavor to food. You can also share flowers. What better way to brighten up their day! The produce most needed by food pantries and soup kitchens is firm clean fruits and durable vegetables.

Step 3: Delivering the Harvest

This year is Rockford area's first annual harvest of Plant a Row For the Hungry. We are very proud to bring you this campaign, which has been very successful in other area of the country. We hope that each year it will grow and grow, as do your bountiful gardens and fields.

Between mid-July and September 30, drop off your PAR donations at the following locations:
U of I Extension Office
Klehm Arboretum
Edgebrook Farmers Market  
Roscoe Farmers Market
Rock River Valley Pantry
4311 W State St
2701 Clifton Ave
Edgebrook & Alpine
Main St & Williams  
1080 Short Elm
Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm
Mon-Fri 9am–8pm
Wed 10am-Noon
Thurs 10am–Noon  
Mon-Fri 9am-4pm

Step 4: Pledge Your Help

This pledge is not a binding commitment. We're simply asking you to estimate what type of fresh produce [fruits, vegetables & herbs] you believe you will be able to donate during the season. It doesn't take a lot to make a real contribution! The average harvest from a tupical packet of seeds of a light begetable, such as snap beans, weighs about 20 pounds. Dense vegetables such as carrots, produce about 100 pounds. The average large, solid tomato weighs a pound or so. Two or three medium apples weigh a pound. Please, pledge your help by printing off and returning the following form.   PAR Pledge Card

PAR was organized in our community by:
        The University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners

With assistance from:
        Rock River Valley Pantry
        Rockford Food Pantry Coalition
        The Hunger Connection

Sponsored by:
        Garden Writers Association of America

Reprinted from a pamphlet put out by the
University of Illinois Extension - Winnebago County

QUESTIONS? (815) 986-4357
Donations Benefit: Local Pantries & Soup Kitchens

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