Plant a Row
For the Hungry

You can make a difference ... by sharing your harvest!

The following information was reprinted from a pamphlet put out by the
University of Illinois Extension - Winnebago County

PAR Pledge Card

This pledge is not a binding commitment. We're simply asking you to estimate what type of fresh produce [fruits, vegetables & herbs] you believe you will be able to donate during the season. It doesn't take a lot to make a real contribution! The average harvest from a typical packet of seeds of a light vegetable, such as snap beans, weighs about 20 pounds. Dense vegetables such as carrots, produce about 100 pounds. The average large, solid tomato weighs a pound or so. Two or three medium apples weigh a pound. Please, pledge your help by printing off and returning the following form.

We ask that you take a few moments to make a commitment to add your gift to the PLANT A ROW year-end totals. Please print this form, fill it out, and either give it to a PAR representative, FAX to 815-987-7881 or send it to the University of Illinois Extension at the following address: University of Illinois Extension, Winnebago County Unit, 4311 West State Street, Rockford, Illinois 61102-1339

I expect to share the following:
Broccoli____________ Sweet Peppers____________
Cauliflower____________ Summer Squash____________
Cucumbers____________ Winter Squash____________
Corn____________ Zucchini____________
Beets____________ Onions____________
Radishes____________ Garlic____________
Carrots____________ Eggplant____________
Beans/Legumes____________ Herbs for Cooking____________
Tomatoes____________ Apples____________

PAR was organized in our community by:
        The University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners

With assistance from:   Rock River Valley Pantry; Rockford Food Pantry Coalition; The Hunger Connection

Sponsored by:
    Garden Writers Association of America
    Home & Garden Television

Reprinted from a pamphlet put out by the
University of Illinois Extension - Winnebago County

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