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Winnebago County, Illinois ~ Vital Records information

The following pdf files contain Winnebago County, Illinois records of birth, marriage and death records on file. The files were graciously given to me by Margie M Mullins, Winnebago County Clerk. I agreed to post them on my website so that all researchers could access them. There is no cost to view the pdf files. View online, or download and save to your personal computer (they are large).

I would love to post all the 102 counties' information. But unfortunately, most counties will not allow me to post the information - some do not have it, others will not share it. We are currently posting information on Illinois and Wisconsin. If you know of any counties that would like to post on ComPortone, please contact us. Use the Counties of Illinois Map as a reference.

After you have viewed the information, if you wish to purchase a copy of a certificate for Winnebago County, Illinois, (far more information) follow this link to

Vital Records available in Winnebago County, Illinois - View for FREE

The following files are in .pdf form and may load a bit slow - be patient.

Birth Records - (1487 pgs)
Death Records - (1222 pgs)
      Marriage Records - Groom - (1933 pgs)
Marriage Records - Brides - (1822 pgs)

In addition to these records, you can access, an amazing resource. Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State, should be commended for all the work he has supported in this area. The data is entered by volunteers so some of it is not complete but the information that has been entered is very helpful to the researcher.

Also, can assist you in purchasing records for other counties and states. Often, certificates for genealogical purposes, are purchased at a lesser cost. A "genealogical" certificate will NOT have a certifcation stamp on it thus, making it useless as a current proof of ID.

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